Healthy Eyes – Attractive Eyes

Healthy Eyes – Attractive Eyes

Everyone loves to look attractive, but do you know that eyes are the most attractive part in any woman. Eyes if beautiful can cause great attraction than just any other body part. So we do a lot of things to keep our beautiful and attractive, well make-up is high amongst these tips. But it is not enough to just add makeup to the eyes to make them look beautiful instead more makeup can actually ruin the natural beauty of your eyes. The best way and the most important thing is to keep our eye healthy and relaxed. Here are some important tips in this direction.

• Avoid wearing too hard perfumes, because eyes being the most sensitive of all parts may get red due to a harsh perfume or scent. Or simply do not wear such perfumes behind ears.

• Drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday, this is really very essential for the good health of your eyes.

• Now-a-days most of the people are confronted with a common problem of dark circles. The best solution to it is, just keep slice of potatoes over your eyes for half an hour.

• Most of us do have everyday as a hectic day, and our body gets tired of the work we did the whole day, and so becoming tired of eyes is so very obvious. They need to relax and just a sound sleep would not do all. Just keep cotton pads dipped in ice water for 15 minutes.

• Rose water is very beneficial for eye. Just keep cotton pads dipped in rose water for 15 minutes, it will freshen your eyes.

• Adding few drops of pure rose water to the eyes will enhance the twinkle of your eyes.

• While working on computers take short breaks and close your eyes meanwhile. It will make your eyes relax.

• To improve your eye focus just keep looking at a distant object.

• In summers try washing your eyes a regular intervals.

• Warm your palms and then let them on your eyes closed. This is an unfaultable way to relax your eyes.

• Green vegetables are a boon to eyes, so eat them as much as you can.

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