How to groom curly hair

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Very soft or, on the contrary, coarse hair is difficult to style. It is hard to give such hair a normal shape, it needs to be long laid using foam or gel. Unmanageable hair make lots of girls search in the Internet “mynaturalhairextensions”. However, even unmanageable hair is not an indicator of their weakness – after all, waywardness refers only to the appearance, but not to the condition of the hair. To facilitate care, you need to use moisturizing masks and Best Products for Shampooing. The use of natural remedies is good too – for example, white henna helps strengthen soft curly hair and soften coarse one.

As you know, black women have coarse and thick curly hair that requires additional care. To maintain the natural curls of hair in an appropriate form, you will need these tips for care:

  • daily oiling;
  • regular massage will help reduce dry skin of the scalp. For hydration, 1 time in 3 to 4 weeks do a hot oil massage;
  • moisturize your hair after each shampoo. You need to avoid analogues with alcohol content and choose shampoos with a low pH level;
  • Conditioning for black women to protect your curly hair from excessive dryness;
  • washing curly hair every day is not recommended, since using a hairdryer, you can dry your hair by destroying natural oils. To maintain balance, wash your hair once every 4 to 7 days;
  • wash your hair in one direction – this will prevent tangling;
  • when using a towel, do not rub your hair very much – this leads to the fact that the hair begins to get tangled;
  • it is recommended to comb very hard curly hair with a wide comb, combing still wet hair helps to reduce their volume;
  • if the hair is too tangled, use a comb with wide teeth, combing the hair from the roots to the ends – this will reduce the risk of breaking the hair without causing discomfort during combing.
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