Shopping with Modelones: your indispensable beauty help

Shopping with Modelones: your indispensable beauty help

Beautiful well-groomed hands are the pride of every woman. Caring for them requires a lot of effort, time and money. In addition to the standard manicure procedure, which gives the nails and cuticles a well-groomed look, a colored coating is also used. The modern nail industry offers different coating options, thanks to which you can get a design for every taste. The most popular is gel coating, which guarantees not only a great manicure, but also a lasting effect. Even cleaning without gloves will not ruin this long-lasting manicure.

Modelones poly nail gel is an innovative nail polish that has solved the age-old problem of fragile manicure. It is the clearest poly nail gel in the market with a more liquidly consistency than normal poly nail gel.  Its unique technology combines the properties of traditional varnish and gel for modeling the nail plate. At the same time, manicure pleases with rich shades and allows you to carry out the most fantasy design. Modelones Acrylic System is beginner friendly and very affordable. It does not contain MMA at all.  If there are no contraindications, you can safely apply a gel coating and enjoy the perfect manicure. The main thing is to take breaks on time to recover the nail plate. During these periods, you can use medicated varnishes, make nourishing baths and masks that preserve the healthy shine of the nails.

Modelones Wooden-lid Gel Polishes are so unique in the market, beside great opacity of the gel itself, the bottle designs and packaging is perfect to be considered for gifting. Also, Modelones are now offering big discounts for Christmas, therefore you have a great opportunity to buy nice little things for yourself or your friends. Giving beauty is a really good gift!

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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