Smart gadgets for your teeth

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Every day more and more compact technical devices with interesting functions appear. In our modern world, there are many gadgets that have an important mission: to monitor human health. Dentists agree: if you properly care for your teeth, visits to the doctor can be reduced to preventive care twice a year.

  • Irrigator with powerful pulsating water pressure thoroughly cleans the teeth and the space between them. Moreover, it also massages the gums. It is useful to everyone and is recommended for use after brushing. Such a thing is necessary for the owners of dentures and braces.
  • A home alternative to braces is an AcceleDent vibrating device with mouth guard. It is believed that vibration allows you to speed up the process of teeth alignment twice.
  • Japanese inventors have created accessories for teeth, flashing in different colors. It does not improve health, but it helps to scare off criminals at night with just a smile.
  • It is very important to have a good toothbrush, for example bamboo toothbrush uk. It is made from environmentally friendly products and gently cleanses the oral cavity thanks to thin bristles.
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  • Few of us attach importance to the proper care of a toothbrush. Meanwhile, bacteria are actively propagating in its fibers. Scientists have worked on this problem too – for example, they invented the Jaewan Jeong toothbrush, which is cleaned with ultraviolet light. All you need to do is to close it after brushing your teeth with a cap equipped with a display and a USB port for recharging. The sterilization process will be displayed on the surface of the cap.
  • The Beam Brush smart toothbrush will tell you how often and how long you brush your teeth, tell you when to replace the nozzle, and set a timer for the ideal duration of oral hygiene – 2 minutes.
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