Anti-Aging - 7 Things You Can Do to Appear Younger

Anti-Aging – 7 Things You Can Do to Appear Younger

Both sexes men and women are desparatly trying to look younger as they get older. Usually there search leads them to medical treatments instead of more healthy alternatives.

The popular medical choices to looking younger are injections of Botox or invasive cosmetic surgeries like facelifts, nosejobs, breast implants and liposuction. There are alternatives to medical treatments which are listed below:

1. Dress according to your age – Some people try to wear clothes which their children or grandchildren would wear. This kind of dressing does not look natural and makes you look much older. Dress in fashionable clothes which are approprriate for your age.

2. Get a good nights sleep – your best sleep happens in the early hours of the morning between 3 or 4 o’ clock. If you tend to get up during this time, than try meditation or take the natural herb, melatonian before going to sleep.

3. Control the foods you eat – As you get older your rate of metabolism is slower. Hence, it becomaes harder to maintain a lean body. Keep your weight on track, make your skin glow and your blood healthy by eating foods with beneficial properties.

4. Exercise Regularly – Whether you are young or old you should exercise regularly. It does not matter what the exercise is as long as you enjoy it and can do it on a regular basis. By exercising you can drops years from your body and mind.

5. Use makeup when required – A lot of people especially women are in the habit of applying makeup. Makeup should only be used to enhance your natural beauty rather than attempting to cover up flaws. If needs be get a professional makeup artist to show you how to apply your makeup in the best and most flattering way.

6. Hairstyle is important – Do you have an old style haircut which is grey in color. If yes, than visit a professional hairstylist and let him or her design a style that fits your face and coloring.

7. Smoking and Drinking are bad – If you are a smoker or drink alcohol on a regular basis than this might be a good time to cut down or even better to give up totally. Too much alcohol will dry out your skin and smoking will rapidly age your entire body.

Apart from the above another important factor in looking younger is your “attitude”. Adopt a postive outlook to life and smile.


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