Opinion of experts: the best gel polish

Probably every girl got into trouble when, instead of the prescribed weeks, the gel polish lasted a few days, then it began to wear off at the tips, chips appeared, the quality of the nails became worse etc. We asked a professional nail master, who explained which gel polish is better, and how to choose a resistant coating that will definitely not disappoint.

High-quality three-phase gel polishes

Manicurists prefer to use products from time-tested manufacturers:

  1. The first place is occupied by the products of the American company CND Shellac.
  2. A more affordable option is Kodi Professional.
  3. Bluesky brand products take an honorable 3rd place in our small rating. These are the most affordable gel polishes that are made in China using American technology. They have a wide palette of colors, including nude, classic, extreme shades, options with large and small glitter, magnetic and thermal varnishes.

What colors are in fashion

We offer the most popular options for your inspiration:

  • Fashionable – space design, metallic, cat’s eye, with a sugar effect.
  • Classic – powdery tones, scarlet, burgundy. Kodi gel has hundreds of such shades.
  • Shining and bright – neon, with glitter, mirror.

    colorful glass bottles with nail polish
    Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash

To strengthen nails

If your goal is to strengthen your nails, pay attention to biogel. The basis of the composition of the product is the resins of South African trees and protein. This tool provides an elastic and durable coating, protects nails and restores a natural healthy tone, evens out cracks.

The agent is polymerized in a UV lamp. The wear period is up to 3 weeks, after which it is soaked with a special liquid and removed.

Under the color coating for thin and brittle nails, choose a base with rubber fibers. It will reliably protect the nail from coloring pigments, even out and strengthen the plate.

Image by picjumbo_com from Pixabay

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