3 Tone Blue Contact Lenses

Chiara Lens: 3 Tone Blue Contact Lenses

Blue contact lenses are some of the most popular lenses roaming the beauty world right now. These lenses will give you a sensual and soft look. They can brighten up your appearance and make you look both sophisticated and sweet at the same time.

Blue contact lenses can come in a variety of shades. Some of them will give you an icy color, others have a green hue to them, while a certain category has more of a mint shade to them. Some blue contact lenses, however, have an ombre effect that is created through the little dots printed on the surface of the lens. These dots are the ones to give color to all contact lenses. 

By looking at the way these dots are arranged and designed, blue contacts are divided into three groups, one-tone contact lenses, two-tone contact lenses as well as three-tone contact lenses. Three-tone contact lenses are some of the most remarkable lenses on the market as they create a mesmerizing look through the rich color they feature.

How do three-tone colored contacts work 

Three-tone colored contacts are able to reflect three different colors through the design of the dots on the surface of the lens. The outer color is a thin ring, usually called the limbal ring that features a darker color. This is mostly used to define the lens and give your eyes a more prominent look. 

The middle color of blue contact lenses is usually a blue shade, either light or dark. While the color closer to the public can be a lighter shade of blue or a totally different hue such as green or gray. This design is what gives contact lenses an ombre effect and makes the eyes look more natural. These types of contact lenses are the ones that provide a more distinctive and alluring look. They mimic the color of the iris best as the iris itself features different colors that blended together will provide the final look. 

Some of the most creative and fun three-tone blue contacts in the market can be found in the Chiara Lens blue contacts collection. They include the Neptune, Elegant Blue, and Magic Blue. 

Photo credit: Chiaralens.com

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