5 Minutes for Daily Care Resulting Glowing Skin

5 Minutes for Daily Care Resulting Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to look beautifiul and wants the skin to be glowing but if we ask the question How much time we give for the beautiful skin, answer will be mostly not even 5 minutes. But, trust me only 5 minutes from your routine can change the way you look and feel. Few things which can be added to the daily routine to make you look great.

Shower Routine

Three steps which can be added while you take a bath can easily help cleaning your body perfectly as you want.

First of all We ahould always use a nice face wash instead of soaps which damage your skin cells.

Secondly good exfoliator can be used once in a week for better cleaning and opening up of pores.

Thirdly Shower gel instead of soap for body gives a nice smell all day and keeps you fresh. Use loofah along with it.

After Shower Routine

Moistrising your body and face properly with the different products made for the specific areas i.e. face moistriser for face and body lotion for body and do not forget the feets.

Body Care During the Day Time

Always keep on moistrising your face time to time whenever needed.

Secondly keep face wipes to clean of the face and open up your pores from dust and pollution.

Body Care – Before Bed

Removal of makeup with a good cleanser is very important before going to sleep.

Use of Toner after washing your face and moistrising it.

These were few simple steps which can be easily inculcated in the daily routine for that dream glowing skin you always wanted.

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