Manicure or Mistakes

Manicure or Mistakes?

Nails are an important part of the beauty of our fingers and hands and legs. And if they are not taken care of then the beauty is not complete. Manicure is done to take care of the nails and to enhance their beauty. But as we are not perfect being a human being so mistakes are natural to occur. So here is a list of mistakes that people generally commit while a manicure done at home.

*People generally clip the nails from the back side and with the help of an emery board as well. They clip the nail too deep from the corners. This makes the nails split. Better use the board starting from the left corner and to the centre and to the right by sawing back and forth few times. To get a smooth nail upper use a filer. *Cuticles are important part and they should not be neglected. Their neglectance may pose some problems, and those like hangnails. In order to avoid any such problem better oil them after you have a bath.

*Nail polish is an art that makes the nails look absolutely attractive and so before applying any nail paint first of all apply a layer of base coat to your nails. This will prevent late drying and also it prevents yellowing of nail paints.

* Do not apply too many coats of the nail polish it may lead to removal of top layer of the nail polish.


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