Get Fresh

Get Fresh

Summer means tiredness, irritation, and along with that the tremendously bad smelling body odor adds to the problems in this season. But sweating is good as it takes away all the toxins from your body. To maintain the temperature of the body as and when the heat increases the sweating also increases and about after six hours it starts to smell pungent. The dirt that comes with sweat in order to be cleaned it is very important tot bathe. The use of deodorants and talcum powder remains for some time only.

Cold-cold water:

In summers while bathing if we use scrubs then it really helps clean the entire dirt, bacteria, and body odor.
While bathing clean all the areas like neck, back, feet, underarms etc and all those areas where bacteria and dirt can persist. It will be better if you use colon in your bathing water.

Deodorants are better:

In summers roll on sprays are better than deodorants, but it is to be kept in mind that the deodorants should be always mild. Before buying them just test once whether they are causing allergies? For this test them in your underarms. If there is persistence of burning sensation for more then ten minutes then do not use that deodorant. The sweat should not be tried to control by using more and more of deodorants. Always keep in your purse either lavender or Rose skin tonic and use it as and when required.

Game of season:

In the season of dancing heat and irritation use mild perfumes for the freshness of lemon. Perfumes are more effective in summers. Hard perfumes reach your head and irritate. It can even cause headaches. So use strong perfumes only in cold and dry seasons. In summers it is better to use perfumes with lemon, rose, and sandalwood.

Choose your clothes after due attention:

Wear only cotton undergarments in summers. Loose and cotton clothing are the best for summers and it also tolerates sweats. Chiffon and aurangeza fabrics can also be worn.

What about you jewelry?

It is better if you avoid jewelry in summers, although you can wear other accessories that look unique. You can wear a pearl necklace, but do not wear neck tight accessories.

Do something for your hairs:

Try to make hair-style that does not allow hairs on you neck. Like if your hairs are long then you can tie them up or can scrunch them.

Balanced diet is very important:

In summers our body loses water in huge quantity. So in order to compensate the loss we should drink loads of water which constitutes at-least 10 glasses of water a day. This facilitates drainage of all poisonous elements fro our body.

Lemon is perfectly fine for summers. In this a small spoon of honey about 1 teaspoon and pinch of salt can be combined. If you are suffering from any disease then you should drink salt, sugar, and soft drinks etc. but after consulting from a doctor. Instead of having tinned juice have the fresh fruit juice. Instead of a hot cup of tea r coffee take iced tea. IT is the best suited for summers. Eat more and more of fruits, curd. And avoid fried food.

Stay healthy, live well!


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