Smile But With Style

Smile But With Style

If your teeth are rough, broken or uneven due to which your smiles lacks confidence, every bit of your laugh is devoid of confidence, but you need not worry because now-a-days with the help of new invented techniques, doing away with almost all kinds of teeth problems are a matter of few hours or even minutes. So, here are presented some of the important information in this context.


Under this technique with the help of various chemicals the coloration of teeth is improvised upon. And even your teeth can shine like pearls!!! Often due to intake of various harmful things like tobacco, coffee, cigarettes, and wine; teeth loses its natural beauty. They develop a layer of dirt. And if this dirt layer is very dark and deep then before the use of chemicals teeth are treated under ‘scoaling’. Under this technique they are first cleaned.
Also under this technique through the intake of certain special medicines by the pregnant lady the baby in her womb can be given a natural white color to teeth. And one very special feature about this technique is, it can be applied even when at home easily.


Under this technique some special chemicals are prepared somewhat similar to the color of teeth. This technique is used specially to remove gapping between teeth and to provide natural way to your teeth. Same way this technique is used to hide teeth yellowness, and to protect the teeth of children against decay. It is pain free technique and is more durable and cheap in comparison to any other technique.


These are specially designed caps that are mean to be placed upon the ugly teeth. These besides providing beauty to your teeth also make them strong. The crowns in natural color are available in ceramic, gold, silver and other like metals. Even these crowns are used cosmetic surgeries of teeth for providing a natural look to broken teeth, protecting the weak teeth and hiding the ugliness of teeth.

Uneven teeth

‘Treatment’ is used to do away the problems of unevenly placed teeth. And the above techniques are a pure way to naturally healthy and beautiful teeth.

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